Who is Dickon?

Dickon Kent Santa Fe Webdesign

With 23+ years of digital experience, I would humbly consider myself a leader in visual and user experience design, product development, strategy, and team management. I have planned, managed, conceived, and built products and campaigns for brands such as Disney, OPI, Paramount Pictures, NBC Universal, Rebbl, Ubisoft, the Television Academy, and many many more. I’ve built and managed teams of designers of all stripes, technical developers, and project managers.

I can speak geek if needed but prefer to break things down into simple language so anyone can follow along.

Experienced in budgeting, scheduling, hiring and firing, day to day operations, presenting creative ideas and concepts, developing pitches and project plans.  I design visuals and the user experience from a wholistic and human centered viewpoint, considering the business being presented and representing it appropriately for the end users.

I’ve designed everything from over-animated movie experiences (before “UX” was even a thing) to subdued digital reporting forms that get used in an emergency room during a sexual assault examination. In all cases the user experience is paramount. The purpose of design is not to showcase the design, it’s to help serve a function, tell a story, and enable users to accomplish goals.

Ok, so that’s briefly some of what I have done and can do…

Digital is my world at work, but it’s inspired by the reality of life off screens. Computers and the internet are amazing, we all have such power never before seen in the evolution of humanity. Amazing things can be accomplished and connections made like never before.

My hope is that I can develop tools and systems that connect us as human beings, rather than pull us more into virtual worlds where emotion and empathy become less relevant. What drives me is the idea that digital tools and systems can enrich our lives, so that we can spend more time being with the ones we love, the ones we want to work with, and accomplishing our dreams, because these are the experiences that create a memorable and satisfying life.


Design Products (UX/UI)

Manage People & Teams

Creative Strategy

Build Businesses

Delight Users


TEDx ABQ 2012

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I work with clients all over the USA.

These are some of the companies I’ve created digital work for: