Hi, My name is Dickon

I’m a Webby nominee and Creative Digital Director & Strategist with a passion for business and marketing. I have 20 years experience developing SaaS applications, digital marketing campaigns and large scale websites for well known brands such as Disney, OPI, Paramount Pictures and The Television Academy (Primetime Emmys).

User Experience (UX) Design Projects


“Dickon delivers the highest end graphic design I have ever worked with. Dickon is an exceptionally talented artist, pleasant to work with and quick and responsive. We’ve trusted him with some very high concept materials for advertising and TV campaigns and he delivers beautiful results.”

Bob Soderstrom

Managing Partner, Puck LA

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dickon for several years on numerous projects. His design skills are remarkable, and his understanding of user experience has been of great benefit to our projects.”

Marc Wade

Executive Producer, Digital, Television Academy

“Dickon displayed amazing thoughtfulness, deliberation and output of work. Very high quality thinking all the way from concept to full fledged designs. Challenged a lot of our internal thinking and made us better all around. I was very impressed and am looking forward to an opportunity to work together with again!”

Andrew Boylan

Director of Product, CarAdvise

“Dickon consistently goes above and beyond in delivery of both stunningly beautiful work as well as technically superior work for Paramount Pictures. I look forward to working with Dickon for many years to come.”

Bryan Warman

VP Interactive Marketing, Paramount Pictures

“Dickon Kent helped me with my website. I was struggling with how to list things and visually what would be to my best advantage. Dickon Kent is extremely knowledgeable with social media and was able to give me tips and suggestions that there was no way I would ever have known about. His ability to “see” what looks best and is effective on a website is invaluable. He was also very patient with my lack of knowledge about social media, helping me to navigate what can be a very overwhelming topic.”

Belinda B.

Small Business Owner, Santa Fe NM